Lesson 10: Communication

-aître Verbs


French Verb • Communication
connaître to know (personally)
past participle: connu
first personje connaisjeuh cohnayI knownous connaissonsnoo cohnehssohnwe know
second persontu connaistoo cohnayyou knowvous connaissezvoo cohnehssayyou know
third personil connaîteel cohnayhe knowsils connaissenteel cohnessethey know
(masc. or mixed)
elle connaîtell cohnayshe knows
on connaîtohn cohnayone knowselles connaissentell cohnessethey know (fem.)

Other -aître verbs

  • apparaître – to appear
  • connaître – to know
  • disparaître – to disappear
  • naître – to be born1

1Naître has an irregular past participle (né) and takes être as its helping verb in perfect tenses.

Connaître & Savoir

Connaître is used to say that you know someone. Savoir is used to say that you know a fact or piece of information.

French Verb • Communication
savoir to know (as a fact)
past participle: su
first personje saisjeuh sayI knownous savonsnoo sahvohnwe know
second persontu saistoo sayyou knowvous savezvoo sahvayyou know
third personil saiteel sayhe knowsils saventeel sahvethey know
(masc. or mized)
elle saitell sayshe knows
on saitohn sayone knowselles saventell sahvethey know (fem.)

Calling Others

Téléphoner (à) is used to say that you are calling (to) someone. In French, you call to someone, so the verb is used with indirect, and not direct, objects.

  • Je téléphone à Jacques.I’m calling Jacques.


Appeler is used to say what your name is. Je m’appelle… literally means I call myself.., but in English you would say My name is... Appeler is a regular -er verb, but, as you may have noticed, is also stem changing. In the present indicative, it is conjuagted as follows:

French Verb • Communication
appeler to call
past participle: appelé
first personj’ appellejahhpellI callnous appelonsnewzahh pell ohnwe call
second persontu appellestoo ahhpellyou callvous appelezvoozahh pellayyou call
third personil appelleeel ahhpellhe callsils appellenteel ahhpellthey call
(masc. or mized)
elle appelleell ahhpellshe calls
on appelleohn ahhpellone callselles appellentell ahhpellthey call (fem.)


French Verb • Communication
dire to say
past participle: dit
first personje disjeuh deeI saynous disonsnoo deezohnwe say
second persontu distoo deeyou sayvous ditesvoo deetyou say
third personil diteel deehe saysils disenteel deezthey say
(masc. or mized)
elle ditell deeshe says
on ditohn deeone sayselles disentell deezthey say (fem.)


  • le poste
  • le courier
  • le lettre
  • la boîte aux lettres
  • envoyer
  • recevoir

Envoyer & Recevoir

French Verb • Communication
envoyer to send
past participle: envoyé
first personj’ envoiejahnvwahI sendnous envoyonsnewzahnvwahyohnwe send
second persontu envoiestoo ahnvwahyou sendvous envoyezvoozahnvwahyayyou send
third personil envoieeel ahnvwahhe sendsils envoienteelzahnvwahthey send
(masc. or mized)
elle envoieell ahnvwahshe sends
on envoieohn ahnvwahone sendselles envoientellzahnvwahthey send (fem.)
French Verb • Communication
recevoir to receive
past participle: reçu
first personje reçoisjeuh rehswahI receivenous recevonsnewzay rehsevohnwe receive
second persontu reçoistoo rehswahyou receivevous recevezvoo resehvayyou receive
third personil reçoiteel rehswahhe receivesils reçoiventeel rehswahvethey receive
(masc. or mized)
elle reçoitell rehswahshe receives
on reçoitohn rehswahone receiveselles reçoiventell rehswahvethey receive (fem.)

Computers & the Internet

French Vocabulary • Communication
Technology La technologie
Computer HardwareComputer Software
le hardwarehardwarele softwaresoftware
l’ordinateur (m)computerl’informationinformation
l’écran (m)monitorle logicielsoftware (program)
le clavierkeyboardle programme
la programmation
programming (adj)
la sourismousele documentdocument
l’imprimante (f)printerle fichierfile
le CD-ROMCD-ROMThe Internet
la disquettefloppy diskaller sur Internetto go on the Internet
Computer Usele modemmodem
utiliserto usela connexionconnection
taper (un texte)to type (a text)connecter
être connecté
to connect
to be connected
sauvegarder (un fichier)to save (a file)le sitesite
exécuterto run, carry outl’e-mail (m)e-mail
stocker (des données)to store (data)naviguer (sur Internet)to navigate (the Internet)
cliquerto clicktéléchargerto download
allumerto turn ontransmettreto transmit
éteindreto turn off
(to extinguish)

French fact: the name of the company Logitech comes from the French term logiciel technolgie.

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