French Grammar – Verbs

General notes

  • The masculine form and feminine form of the third person are conjugated in exactly the same manner. Instead of mentioning both, only the masculine form will be used for the sake of brevity. One may assume that il includes elle and ils includes elles unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
  • In tables showing the endings or conjugations of verbs, an accent mark is shown without a letter below it indicates that the accent mark is placed above the last letter of the stem.
  • Derivatives of a verb are conjugated in the same manner as that verb. For instance, devenir and revenir follow the same patterns as venir. In this appendix, when the conjugation of the root verb is given, it is assumed that the reader will know that derivative verbs are similarly conjugated.
  • The verb tenses here are organized by mood. The general uses of a particular mood will be covered in the page linked to by the section heading.
  • Literary tenses, which are only used in formal writing, are in italics.
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