Lesson 2: Work

Irregular Past Participles Review

  • avoir – eu (to have)
  • boire – bu (to drink)
  • conduire – conduit (to drive) (and all other -uire verbs)
  • connaître – connu (to know (personally))
  • courir – couru (to run)
  • croire – cru (to believe)
  • dire – dit (to say)
  • devoir – dû (to have to, to owe)
  • être – été (to be)
  • faire – fait (to do, to make)
  • falloir – fallu (to be necessary)
  • lire – lu (to read)
  • mettre – mis (to put (on)) (and all words adding prefixes to mettre)
  • ouvrir – ouvert (to open) (and most other -rir verbs)
  • pouvoir – pu (to be able to)
  • pleuvoir – plu (to rain)
  • prendre – pris (to take)
  • recevoir – reçu (to receive)
  • rire – ri (to laugh)
  • savoir – su (to know (as a fact))
  • sourire – souri (to smile)
  • suivre – suivi (to follow)
  • vivre – vécu (to live)
  • voir – vu (to see)
  • vouloir – voulu (to want)

Conjugated Verb + Infinitive Review


The formation of a conjugated verb+infinitive is the same in French as it is in English. You simply conjugate the first verb, then put the infinitive. Examples follow.
j’aime tu aimes il/elle aime Nous aimons Vous aimez ils/elles aiement


J’aime jouer au tennis (I like to play tennis).
J’aime lire le journal au lit (I like to read the newspaper in bed).


Je veux aller au centre commercial (I want to go to the mall).
However, when one uses vouloir to request something of someone else, one must use the subjunctive.
Je veux que tu fasses la vaisselle (I want you to do the dishes).


Faire Causitif

The faire causitif is formed by conjugating faire and adding an infinitive.

  • Je le fais réparer. – I have it fixed.

Futur Proche

The future proche tense is formed by conjugating aller in the present indicative and adding an infinitive

  • Je vais aller. – I’m going to go.


Pronouns come before the verb they modify, which is not necessarily the first verb in a sentence

  • Je vais le voir. – I’m going to see it.


Either the conjugated verb or the infinitive can be negated, each meaning slightly different things.

  • Je n’aime pas marcher. – I don’t like to run.
  • J’aime ne pas marcher. – I like to not run.
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